Eat Pray Love

I had a lot of tension in my head and face today. It may have been due to the weather system (high pressure or low, whichever it is when rain is threatening to arrive but never makes it); more likely it was because I have not had sex in over a month. I felt as though the top half of my face needed a good kneading and then acknowledged that if a man simply put his hands on my bare shoulders all that tension would probably disappear.

The physical craving for sex is a real thing. I have a friend who says if she’s not in a relationship, she doesn’t even think about sex. She doesn’t need a vibrator because she isn’t horny unless there’s a guy in the picture. I get the sense a lot of women are this way. They need a good number of sexless months before they start to gnash their teeth and for me it takes, oh, about two weeks.

Men do not have a monopoly on sexual desire. I actually had to do some deep breathing on the subway to overcome feelings of anxiety produced from my abstinence. When I think about the eleven months stretched ahead of me without the touch of a man, it can be overwhelming. I’m going to have to book a massage with a male masseuse (masseur). No, I’m not kidding.

In the book Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert abstains from sex for 18 months because she wants to find out who she is without a man. When she finally meets someone worth giving in to, she describes how crazily lustful it felt being touched in that way after so much time. She made it sound so delicious, like it was worth going without for 18 months to reap the benefit of mindblowing sex after. When my year is up, though, I’m kind of afraid for the guy who breaks my fast. I hope I don’t hurt him.

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