Queen Latifah’s answer is Just Wright

I just watched a movie with Queen Latifah called Just Wright. She’s the kind of girl guys always want to be friends with and her sister is the kind of beauty that guys want to date. Her sister uses Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, the Law of Attraction, and vision boards to land herself a succesful NBA player. Within a few weeks they are engaged. When the player suffers a career-threatening injury, however, the sister calls off the engagement by leaving her fiance a note while he’s laid up in bed with a smashed knee.

Queen Latifah just happens to become McKnight’s (love the use of naming) physical therapist and they forge a relationship that eventually turns romantic. They fall in love. So good is her therapy that McKnight is back to game shape before the playoffs and sister comes knocking. He falls for her story about being abandoned by her father and it affecting her ability to commit (plus she looked really hot) and takes her back. As he uncovers her motives, however, he realizes he really loves Queen L and goes to Philadelphia to get her back.

She tells him flat out, “I’m not going to be your Plan B.”

I was shocked! I thought she’d run into his arms and kiss him hard. That’s what I would have done! I have let myself be Plan B, C, or D many times. I didn’t think I was valuable enough to ask for more. I have answered texts from men after midnight. Most of the time these messages have come around last call time. Talk about a last resort. Now that I have been celibate for a couple of months I cringe at the thought that I ever let that happen, that I thought I wasn’t even worth being taken out for dinner or a movie. I told myself it didn’t matter, but of course it did.

I loved the idea of connecting with someone, talking about issues close to our hearts and doing fun things together. The truth is, I felt so uncomfortable around men that it was easier to just sleep with them. You don’t have to talk and risk the possibility that they might not like what you had to say. Sure, there was a sort of adrenaline rush that went with sex and as I mentioned in another entry, my ego loved the attention. It was not a connection though.

I know now that I desire an honest bond with someone that is based on what’s inside rather than the outside. I want to be able to be myself with somebody. I suppose first I have to figure out exactly who that is. I can already tell this year is going to help me alot with that self-discovery.


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