Leaving Las Vegas

I travelled to Las Vegas this past weekend and abstained from the two things I normally spend most of my time doing in Sin City: drinking and having sex. I was sharing a room with two friends who don’t drink much and since alcohol makes me horny and often leads to sex, I ended up abstaining from that, too. It was the cleanest, tamest Vegas trip I ever had: surreal, bewildering, and a little liberating.

I noticed a lot of things I had taken for granted before; for instance, men look at you as though they’ve spent the last ten years behind prison walls. Have you never seen a woman before? Every time one of us girls would venture out on our own we’d count how many times we’d been virtually raped by somebody’s eyes. Kinda gross and not flattering AT ALL.

I’m not sure what men hope to achieve by staring at you like that. It’s clear they don’t really want anything because if they did they would actually speak to you. Staring at you intently as you walk by…what does that achieve? Am I really that interesting-looking that I warrant an intense and focussed stare for the full minute I’m approaching and walking past? What does it mean? I am truly baffled by this behaviour on the part of men. I wonder if it’s instinctual or if they believe they are paying you a compliment, or if they think you will throw yourself at them if they just stare long enough. These are the things I didn’t consider when I was busy hooking up in Las Vegas. I do know that a man had to actually speak to me if he wanted to get lucky, though.

Take my last trip to Vegas. Making my way across the floor of one of the big hotels, I was interrupted by a line delivered in a gorgeous Dublin accent. I turned around to find the most delightful-looking Irish boy (think the ruggedness of Colin Farrell blended with the prettiness of Cillian Murphy) who continued to engage me in conversation the second he had my attention. That’s the way it should be done and of course he got lucky that night. The accent didn’t hurt his cause, either.

Las Vegas is soaked in sex. The men have seen so many naked women after a couple of days that I think they lose touch with reality. Possibly, they believe you’ll disrobe if they look at you long enough because they’ve seen so much of that kind of “entertainment” in which women spontaneously take off their clothes and gyrate for no reason at all.

Objectification of women is rampant in Las Vegas and it’s a place that preys on men’s inability to intelligently analyze the way women’s bodies are being used to separate them from their cash. Men’s brains just turn to mush at the sight of naked women. It’s dangerous, though, because the vast majority of men don’t seem capable of separating the entertainment from the reality. Most women don’t enjoy being objects for men’s pleasure and we wish to receive as well as give sexual satisfaction.

So, for this trip anyway, there was nothing for me to leave in Las Vegas. I did take away a healthy pity for men and their powerlessness against their own drives and the way it removes their ability to think or analyze a situation in an intelligent way.


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  1. I am a guy and what you say is not new. You are right. Male psyche is very simple. Body pleasure is the first thing that strikes our mind when we see a lovely female. In a place like Las Vegas, already charged with sex and fun, the Stare stuff you’re talking about can get even worse. Probably, under the influence of a little booze,the world could look sexy and ready to pounce into beds. In that city I’m sure there’s a lot of it going on and I guess everyone imagines a sex fest going on.

    Simply put, guys stare at girls for the following reasons
    1. Their body and looks
    2. They’re confident that the evening can end their way
    3. In Las Vegas they think that girls are there to have fun
    4. Impatience
    5. And it’s kind of gambling- trying their luck till they hit the right number into bed
    6. There’s another idea that girls like bad guys and not the nice ones. It’s a topic that I am fascinated about.

    What’s my approach and attitude in such circumstances?
    If the girl likes you, she’ll let you in or else there’s nothing you can do to impress. So be nice. Make a friend first. The rest is left to the lady we seem to like.

  2. Satan girls and guys get together at Las Vegas. I can see that they’re fucked. Sad. Believe in God. las Vegas is Hell. You’ll get gotten there.

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