Save the best for last

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. Save the best for last. All words to live by and words I never lived by. I had zero impulse control. If I wanted it I had to have it. I wouldn’t wait for anything. I did not understand why women waited before they had sex. To my mind that was dishonest. If you wanted to have sex with someone you should do it. Making them wait was manipulation, using sex as a tool. Although my mind still goes straight to sex when I see an attractive man, I am beginning to understand why delaying gratification works with sex, too.

Before, when I saw a man I wanted, I would do whatever I had to to get  him–usually stand in front of him and act available–and once I had him get him into bed as soon as possible. Why? When I did that I was eliminating any chance of seeing him again. I was creating a one-night stand situation ensuring that there was no intimacy or exchange of phone numbers or even learning of last names. Why? I’m not there yet; however, I am learning the value of waiting. Sex is what happens after you get to know someone and connect with them on an intimate level. And, yes, after you’ve learned their last name.

I gotta tell you, though, I really miss the feel of a man’s beard on my face when I kiss him. Just sayin.

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