I saw a really cool video posted on Facebook today on how to be alone. Not to be confused with typical guides on how to be single, the video which was spoken/sung by a girl with a guitar could help anyone who was having trouble being on their own. She suggested starting small with places where it’s “normal” to be alone like coffee shops or libraries, gyms with headphones firmly in place, then graduate to darkened movie theatres or lunch counters.

Once comfortable, move on to solo dinner dates (resisting the urge to check your iPhone), walks in the woods and sitting on park benches. Being alone is useful for improving your art, be it music or drawing. Society is uncomfortable with aloneness assuming people have problems if too much time has gone by and you are still not “taken”, she says. I confess to having thought this myself.

I assume people must have walls up if they’ve been relationship-free for a number of years. It’s been about a year and a half since my last relationship and I must confess I hope it doesn’t go on much longer than the next eight months of self-imposed alone time. I am grateful for this opportunity to get to know myself but I am also curious to know what it’s like to love another. I wonder if I have that in me?

I have no idea if it’s a fairy tale; I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. I can live with the idea that you have to learn to love yourself and if that’s true then I look forward to falling in love with myself and with life. I am inspired by those who live every day to the fullest. I have days that I live to the fullest but definitely not every one. It seems as though those people who take life by the reigns end up in happy relationships. That’s my only evidence that one has something to do with the other. That happy people attract one another and want to be together. That’s my hope for the future.

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  1. That’s my hope for the future as well. I was told last year I don’t know how to be alone. It hit me hard, because a big part of me knew it was the truth. My past hinders me from wanting to be alone. Nonetheless to prove a point, I stuck it out for a while, on my own… But unlike most people I don’t mind hanging out by myself, or going to the movies alone. However, there were times when i’d yearn to look to my left/right and share my twizzlers and a few laughs with someone special… If the relationship I am in now, ends (lord i hope not LOL)… i will suck it up and try the alone thing again.

    But I hope you get your fairy tale… 🙂 I believe every woman wants one….

    • Thank you so much. I am just riding this wave of emotions that being alone has dealt me. It’s reavealing more about me than I thought.

  2. AWW no prob and don’t trip about the surprises you find out about yourself… getting to know you should be like icing on a cake, embrace it and love it. For knowing you… what you like, what bothers you etc, will only further your next relationship 😉

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