Halfway Home

sex, single woman, relationship, abstain, celibateFeb. 1 will mark six months of sex-free bliss. Sex-free bliss may sound like an oxymoron but I have been so beautifully drama free since eschewing men that I feel as though I have found heaven for the first time. They say true happiness can only be found within; you cannot seek it without. That means it doesn’t matter how much somebody else loves, wants, or needs you; it will never help you love yourself.

I’ve found self-love actually grows the less stock you put into what others may think of you. And as the savvy among us know, they aren’t thinking very much. Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to pay much attention to others. There are always those who will judge, however, and when we accept ourselves that judgment matters less and less.

As the six-month mark approaches on my journey (how is it possible I’ve abstained this long?) I am pleased to learn that I have changed in some fundamental ways. I dress more modestly: no longer detached from my body I don’t want to disrespect myself by treating it as an object for display. I don’t ogle men anymore and I can say in all honesty that when I talk about “The One” I am referring to myself.

What should I do to celebrate my upcoming half-anniversary?


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