Boy Meets Girl

Boy, girl, man, woman, relationship, across a crowded room, abstinence, datingI saw a cute guy today, and he saw me, too. That heated exchange which I remember was so intoxicating…well, it still is. Then I reminded myself that boys are off-limits for now and I did everything in my power to refuse to look his way again. I could see him turn to look at me several times during the gathering but I held fast and kept my face front. I even planned what I would say if he approached me:

“You’re very attractive, but I’m on a man fast. Here’s my card; if you’re still interested in August, give me a call.”

Instead, at the end of the meeting, I ran out of the room, exited the building and jumped in my car, exhaling as I headed home, feeling as though I’d dodged a bullet.

Although it was a moment of weakness, the good part is that I didn’t entertain any notions that he might have been “the One” put there just for me and that I may have been depriving myself of an “opportunity” to meet someone who could turn out to be my soulmate. Because, hand on my heart and God as my witness, these are the ridiculous notions that went through my mind when I exchanged heated glances with members of the opposite sex in the past. Often, these exchanges were in a bar.

Thank God I am now sane enough to understand that there is no “One” and a cute guy is just that, nothing more or less. I feel such freedom in knowing that no person has the power to make me feel better or worse, to improve or ruin my life. No person except me, of course.


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