Relationship Trouble

love, hate, valentine's day, romance, relationship, men, womenOK, maybe men don’t suck so much. I realize now that I’m dealing with my feelings more, unpleasant emotions are usually based on something that happened in the past. For example, if you miss someone desperately after being away from them for a day you may have abandonment issues. So many of the symptoms of being “in love” are actually unhealthy reactions based on past dysfunctional relationship problems that were never resolved. I’m no shrink but it’s what I’ve pick up from reading and observing in my own life and talking to others who have been willing to be honest about such things.

So my anger toward men in general in the last post was more about my anger toward specific men in my past who treated me badly. And then my anger toward myself for letting them do so. I’ve never been abused but I did let my ex-husband treat me as though my feelings didn’t matter and that I was bothering him if I wanted to discuss anything deeper than a puddle. Anytime I’ve shared my feelings with a man he’s called me crazy and told me in essence that I wasn’t entitled to those feelings. Of course, this is devastating and a complete betrayal of trust. Along with texting, it’s another thing I’m no longer willing to accept.


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  1. Texting?
    All men do that, dismiss female feelings as irrational. The more insane they make you think you are, the more you end up trying to appease them and doing all you can to convince them otherwise. It doesn’t help that there are strong social perceptions of women being “crazy” with their “feelings.” And it is this precedent that has been hammered into our minds that often makes us question ourselves. Suddenly PMT is the whole month beforehand.

    • It’s interesting how sane I am now without any men in my life! No drama whatsoever. Coincidence? I think not.

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