All men are created equal

sex symbol, actressI went to see my psychic yesterday and she told me I would meet a guy while tobogganing or some other outdoor activity with my kids. She gave the impression that it would be a cold weather sport which means I’ll meet him before the winter is over. She said I have to be open to this future fellow, that when he strikes up a conversation and smiles at me I must not assume nothing will come of it. She wrote in red pen for my benefit: “Be open to it. Say HI”. So I suppose it’s time to start talking to guys.

This reader, who works with the police on criminal cases, also said to me: “You could easily meet someone but you don’t do anything!”. Since I gave up sex I have removed myself from many of the social situations that used to be ripe with flirtatious encounters and I’ve been more focussed on my job than ever, a job which I do from home. So I really don’t do much, she’s right. And I do know how easy it is for me to meet men which is one big reason I’ve been hiding out this winter. If I avoid social situations I avoid the chance of meeting someone who might be interesting to me. When I took the pledge to give up sex for a year last August, I included dating and flirtation of any kind. I really wanted men completely out of my picture for a good chunk of time, time which I could take to get to know myself better.

Now, six months in, it’s possible that it may be time to slowly wean myself back into being friendly with men; not dating, but sharing a smile or engaging in conversation. I think until recently I was so afraid I may accidentally fall into bed with any handsome man I dared look at. To keep myself honest I simply avoided them all together.

Marilyn Monroe said: “Every woman wants one man to prove to her all men are not the same.” That’s about how I feel right now.

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  1. Marilyn was on the money. She was recognising the ultimate female fantasy. But the sad truth is there are none! They all suck!! Stick to being celibate for as long as you can. There must have been a good reason for you to start the drought in the first place.

    • Celibacy has been an amazing experience. It has given me the space to get to know myself better. I feel free.

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