Law of Attraction

I saw a guy the other day that made me feel something. I didn’t speak to him, was only in close proximity to him and he just aroused something in me that I thought had gone to sleep. In the past I would probably have had sex with this guy by now but since I am in my blissful abstinence phase, I had the freedom of not being able to pursue him at all even if I was so inclined. Which I wasn’t.

I enjoyed the feeling of attraction, was even surprised by it, rather than having to do something about it like figure out a way to meet the man. Before my self-imposed celibacy, when I was attracted to a guy I had to have him and would do whatever it took to get him. Now I can simply observe and enjoy these feelings and have the pleasure of going home by myself. And masturbating, of course.


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  1. Repressing sexual feelings is not good. If you have it you’ll have to enjoy it. Well, masturbation is another valve but the real thing is magic. Keep it alive and burning.

    • Not repressing. Acknowledging them in a safe and sane way.

  2. I agree about your point on safety and taking guard of the consequences.

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