Sleeping Beauty Myth

Pretty soon its going to be seven months since I had sex or any relations with a man. I’ve learned a lot in that time, most of all that I enjoy my own company and that men don’t make me happy. Not thus far, anyway.

Even though relationships with men make a lot of women miserable we continue to pursue them even though they are disappointing. The reason for that is the myth that we need a man to make us whole. Sleeping Beauty is a perfect example of the lie women are told that we are essentially dead until a man comes along and brings us to life. I heard another man describe it this way:

“Women need to stop sitting looking at the ground waiting for a man to tap them on the shoulder.”

The beautiful thing about freeing myself of the need for male attention is that I have learned who I am without it. I don’t see myself as a reflection of somebody else’s vision. I don’t look at my body as an object, I don’t care if I have hair on my legs, and I can leave the house without make-up.

These are huge steps of progress in my life and have brought me closer to myself. I am caring less and less what people think, in other words. I am building a relationship with myself.


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