Lust vs. Shared Values

couple, relationship, love, woman, man, marriageI get a little edgy at times and I wonder why and then I remember that I haven’t had sex in seven months. Hello! That would make anyone crazy. Especially someone like me who was used to having it all the time. It’s a new way of living and although I stand by my decision to stay celibate for a year at least, possibly longer, it’s not easy. Sex is a great stress reliever!

I’d like for it to be more than that in the future, obviously. The next time I have sex I’d like it to be less about lust and physical attraction and more about a heart attraction. I realize now how fleeting and useless lust is. You may as well look at a picture for all that has to do with the person inside. The connection has to be deeper, even deeper than shared interests. It has to be about shared values. Now to work out what my values are…


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  1. Hang in there! Being celibate brings you a lot of clarity. You can more effectively get to know a man and find out what his values are when you aren’t having sex. First of all, you can spend time talking and doing things that show his nature rather than be in bed focussing on his body. Secondly, you are not overwhelmed by bonding hormones that may cause you to close an eye to incompatibilities or poor character.

    • Thank you; I love you for writing this. I do need the support. Most people think I’m crazy.

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