Adam and Eve

relationship, husband, wife, Bible, God, sexSomeone told me today that most people forget a crucial detail in the Adam and Eve story. Everyone remembers the part where Eve is cursed with the pain of childbirth. Apparently right after that curse she gets hit with another one: the desire for a husband. So the yearning women have to bond with one man for a lifetime is a curse. It says so in the Bible.

I feel grateful to have this time on my own without a man in my life. I certainly wouldn’t like it to be a lifelong state, however. I feel as though I’m preparing myself–body, mind and soul–for a life with a partner. Of course, if I don’t find the right person I’m not going to settle for just anybody. After what I’ve been through, I would definitely rather stay single than be with someone who doesn’t possess the qualities of a suitable mate or someone with whom I just don’t click.

It is a concern for me, however, that perhaps men don’t desire a lifelong relationship the way we women do. There is the distinct possibility that I won’t meet that special someone. I am okay with that but it almost feels as though I’ll be living in an unnatural state.

Because the desire is there: for someone to look up to, a protector, someone I can hold and with whom I can share the ebbs and flows of life. I wonder if it is just a movie fantasy. I know some people have that close contact with another, but they are rare and it’s possible my time for that has past. It’s possible that’s not for me and I have to be okay with that. I am okay with that but, like I said, it just feels weird.


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  1. I’m not exactly sure what you meant when you were talking about the curse. I think that sex is a gift from God, but it was intended to be shared between a man and a woman within marriage. Part of the curse was lust for each other, yes. We have completely twisted up His gift and used it for our own devices. Check out Romans 1: 21-24 and 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

    • Thank you, Grace; I will check out those passages. I appreciate your input. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I meant, either; I am still sorting it all out in my head. I guess the second part of the curse for a woman is that we feel beholden to one man: we can’t sleep around without losing ourselves.

  2. You say: So the yearning women have to bond with one man for a lifetime is a curse. It says so in the Bible.

    Give us a scripture to that effect.

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