Oprah and Marie Osmond

I stumbled across the Oprah show today and Marie Osmond was discussing the tragic suicide of her 18-year-old son who jumped to his death from the eighth floor of a Los Angeles apartment building. The boy’s father, to whom Marie had been married for 20 years before they divorced, was not invited to the funeral at the request of his own children. It seems that Marie suffered quite a lot of abuse at the hands of her ex and she explained to Oprah why she is remaining single while she works on recovering from her loss and re-building her life:

You marry at the level of your self-esteem,” she said simply.

It was a nice little reminder about why I decided to abstain from sex this year and live a celibate life for the first time since I lost my virginity. I have always related to men at the level of my low self-esteem and for the first time now I feel myself saying that a man would be lucky to have me. All the rules have changed since I started this journey eight months ago–I will no longer accept texts or have physical contact in the first 30 days of dating someone, for instance– and it’s a direct result of increased self-esteem.


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