Clean and sober

kathy baker, michael keaton, alcoholic, drug addict

I watched an old movie on TV tonight called Clean and Sober. Starring Michael Keaton as a drug addict who checks himself into a rehab centre, the film was well-received in the 80s when it came out. The movie was OK; my beef with it is that Michael Keaton and a female patient at the treatment centre started seeing one another the second they got out of rehab.

She was living with another guy who was dragging her down, a complete loser who treated her like crap and with whom she stayed because he would fall apart without her. Michael Keaton convinces her to leave him and come live with her. Sometime between that discussion and her splitting with her boyfriend, they end up in bed together. And I’m screaming out loud to the woman on the screen,

“Forget both of them! Spend some time by yourself! Why are you having sex with a man you just starting seeing a few days ago!”

These movies continue to perpetuate the myth that both women and men can never be happy unless they have a co-dependent relationship with one another, and that sex with someone you barely know is loving and fulfilling. That’s BS. Spend some time on your own, then maybe you’ll have a chance of finding someone who’s right for you. And hold off on the sex for 90 days – at least.

What do you think of my new 90-day rule?


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