Men, what are they good for?

Mark Wahlberg played a Stalker in Fear

So, my friend has a stalker. For two years he’s been following her around, showing up at places that she frequents and driving slowly by her house. It’s got past the point of being annoying and now she’s scared for her safety. So she called the police.

“The police!” I cried. “No! What you need to do is get Frick and Frack (not their real names) to go over there and have a word with him.” Frick and Frack both have the heighth and width of retired NFL players. She laughed and continued on about how she had to go in and fill out a police report and record sightings of him.

Why was she laughing? My suggestion was the most sensible course of action guaranteed to take care of her problem quicker than waiting for the police to take action. I wasn’t suggesting violence, merely the suggestion of violence so the guy gets the impression that he will be hurt if he continues in the fashion to which he’s become accustomed. Problem solved.

Then I thought about it a little more. Maybe my plan wasn’t so foolproof after all. What if the guy’s really crazy and he has a weapon? There’s the chance our friends could get hurt or even killed. And what about the “damsel in distress” aspect in which we need big, strong men to rescue us from our aggressors? Isn’t this the stuff I’ve been un-learning over the past eight months? Add to that the fact that violence should never be an option; we should instead seek peaceful conflict resolution… and my suggestion begins to sound almost criminal. Hell, maybe it is criminal.

I realized my solution (which I thought should have been the obvious one) was motivated by fear and a desire for vengeance. I wanted my friend’s suffering to stop, yes. I also wanted that guy to feel as scared and intimidated as he makes her feel. And I wanted him to feel humiliated. I wanted him to feel small. That’s the truth. Funny how long it takes me to uncover it.

Of course, contacting the police is an option which is more time-consuming than sending our henchman to threaten bodily harm. But that’s the thing about playing the game straight. You must be patient rather than impulsive and you go to the proper authorities rather than asking your men to risk their safety in order to protect you. I understand now why my friend called the police instead of handling it herself, although it still doesn’t feel like home to me.

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