Lust on the subway

handome man in suit

Why every time I get on the subway does there seem to be a good-looking guy in a suit making eyes at me? I happen to be a sucker for a tall, handsome man in a well-fitted suit. Imagine that. The image is like sex to me. It’s all I can think about. Thank God I don’t work in the financial district. I would never get anything done.

I’ve been working hard lately to ignore my lustful urges and instead put that energy into my career and other relationships (family and friends) but I found myself succumbing to lust on the subway on the way home and I realize now how distracting it is. When you are experiencing feelings of lust, you can’t focus on anything else. It is truly a waste of time. It’s a useless fantasy, especially if you’re like me and you’ve taken a pledge of abstinence for a year.

I had visions of myself doing all sorts of things to this man while he was sitting there. I have no idea if this is normal or if he was imaging the same things about me. Either way, I’ve decided I’d really prefer not to have these feelings of lust toward strangers yet I seem kind of addicted to it. I have improved immensely in this area over the last eight months in that I’m not looking around at men all the time or approaching men as “opportunities” when I go to social events. I’m convinced that if and when I’m ready to meet a man I’ll meet him and it won’t have to be helped photography

Lust begone. That’s all I can say.


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  1. I’d like to challenge you on something here. If you are truly looking to get away from objectifying people and committed to break your lustful pattern, why would you include such a photo as you have at the top of this post? The intention of the photo is clear. Sharing it perpetuates the problem by inciting the lust in others, doesn’t it?

    • That’s a good point. I guess I was making the point that that is exactly what I do when I lust after a man in a suit is objectify him. Sorry it didn’t come across so well.

      • I hope I didn’t come across as being critical. From what I’ve read on your blog, it seems like you’re becoming increasingly more aware of the impact of your actions. My intention was to point out a possibility that this photograph could cause another to lust.

        Thank you for documenting your journey. It has inspired some relationship tip bits I’ve written on my blog,

      • Never! I appreciate dissenting opinions anyway; I think that’s what posting and commenting is all about. I can be pretty out there with some of my opinions so I expect some different viewpoints and welcome them. I can be a little hypocritical at times; I realize that 🙂

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