Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

The misguided “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” series by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had its heart in the right place but the delivery fell flat. The one-minute video spots featuring such celebs as Drake, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper is being panned for being unduly irreverent about such a serious topic as child sex slavery.

My own outrage stems from the fact that we need PSAs about this topic at all! Am I to glean from this news that men I might know would actually participate in such crimes? Am I also to glean that it might be okay to these people to hire women for sex? I understand that underage age sex slavery is a completely different issue than adult sex workers, but I hope we are all in agreement that paying WOMEN for sex is also wrong.

Just the other day I was talking to a friend who is also practising a period of celibacy. She told me that for many ordinary folks the idea of using the services of a prostitute is considered quite acceptable. She gave the example of a friend of hers whose husband was caught after having made an appointment with an escort (she answered his cell phone to hear an automated message confirming the appointment). After first denying the service, he finally confessed, telling her it was no big deal because she only gave him blow jobs.

Online dating is another quick fix for men in which they can log on and look at pictures of women without having met them, pick what they like and get a date just like that. And this has become the acceptable way to meet a mate in our “busy” times. Even before I took a vow of abstinence I had an issue with online dating thinking it was too clinical and calculated and took all the spontaneity out of meeting someone. Now I dislike it because it lines women up like chattel and gets men off the hook from having to do the work of courting. All they have to do is click and pick. It makes my stomach turn and makes me stronger than ever in my conviction that I am not settling for any half-assed, lame-assed, bogus excuse for a courtship. Let the wooing ensue.


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