The Truth About Online Dating

That about sums it up

In the last post I touched on the topic of online dating, something about which I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking. I thought “that’s not for me,” but didn’t consider why not. My gut reaction yesterday told me the truth about my feelings which is that online dating is yet another way contemporary society makes it easy for men to score.

Before, I avoided online dating because I felt it took the romance out of meeting someone, removed the role of Fate, and the thrill of a chance meeting across a crowded (bar) room. I had assumed that both men and women who engaged in online dating would have similar intentions and motivations–namely a busy schedule combined with a sincere desire to meet a compatible partner.

The first mistake here is assuming that men and women ever have similar intentions. If my own experience is any litmus test (and it may not be) about one man in 25 is interested in anything other than getting sex as easily and as quickly as possible. What better route than online dating? And in our present culture that says two dates is a reasonable amount of time to wait before doing the deed, they don’t have to wait very long at all to get what they want. Then, we have a bunch of women scratching their heads wondering what happened when he cools off immediately after “heating up” and the men calling us crazy for having feelings for them.

It really is a man’s world–today more than ever.


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