Window shopping and men

men, dating, relationship, women, celibate, abstinence

I attended an inspiring networking event tonight. The best part is I got to practise connecting with women and ignoring men. I am beginning to feel what it is like to have my lustful urges toward the opposite sex wane. There were a number of handsome men in the room, and I feel totally different about that today than I would have just a few months ago (even one month ago).

Like window shopping, I can look at something beautiful and not feel I have to have it. Handsome man: hmm, looks nice, yes…next? Such restraint is a breakthrough for me who used to have an internal GPS set to the most handsome man in the room. And who expected nothing less than to have him as soon as possible. As if he is a possession or an object that you buy at the store. No, he is a person and for now I’m just looking.


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