Kate Middleton, Will & Royal Wedding

I must admit I’m looking forward to the royal nuptuals tomorrow and will even be setting my alarm for 5 am to catch it on TV. I’m more interested in the dress than the romance, however. And the hats and the ceremony. I could care less about the romance. The royal wedding seems to be so much bigger than two people being united as husband and wife. It belongs to the world and has little to do with a private love story between a man and a woman.

And I wonder how much of the story is love and how much practicality? Which ingredient is more important? We are sold the gigantic love story with fireworks and love at first sight and huge lustful attraction. In real life, however, I”ve heard that you’ll have a better chance at a healthy relationship if you go against your “type” and instead choose someone who doesn’t make you weak in the knees. It stands to reason that the things we love straight away (songs, for instance) don’t stay with us as long as the ones that need to grow on us.

When we have a certain “type” that attracts us, the attraction is sexual, otherwise known as lust. I wrote in an earlier post about lust being a deadly sin, yet we often base our choice of a partner on this very feeling. A feeling that, arguably, we should be trying to remove from our psyche because it’s dangerous, instead we are using to choose our partners in life. May not be the wisest decision.

So far, choosing my type has resulted in only heartache. If I am to go against type, my next mate should not be interested in sports, he should be well-educated, he should enjoy dressing up, he should be honest, he should be respectful, he should be willing to cry, he should share his feelings, he should not dismiss mine, he should have good manners, and he should not drink excessively. These are all the opposite of the qualities my “type” has possessed so far. I can’t imagine why my relationships haven’t worked out well.


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