Royal Wedding nice but not my cup of tea

The Royal Wedding made many people feel like they want to get married. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the proceedings and despite my rocky relationship past I was not the least bit cynical about the Kate and William show. I ate it up like pablum and truly relished every moment. The humility and sincerity of the couple was touching and it’s obvious they share great love and support for one another. They also have a tremendous amount of support around them from friends and family members who are on their side. I felt quite optimistic that they would “make it” as the expression goes.

If anything, my appreciation of the royal wedding cemented for me the fact that I don’t want to get hitched myself. Perhaps I shouldn’t dismiss marriage out of hand before even meeting a viable partner; however, I did feel a sense of peace in being able to enjoy another couple getting married and feel fairly damn certain I don’t want that for myself. Sure, it would be nice somewhere down the line to meet a companion with whom to share my time, but marriage? I have this strange feeling it’s not for me.


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