Youtube movie kisses

Being celibate has made me go a bit soft. I never used to value the romance in kissing, probably because I wanted to get to the “good stuff” (sex). But this video montage from YouTube featuring a series of staged smooches is enough to make even the most jaded among us swoon.

Do you have a favourite movie kiss?


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  1. Do you think being celibate has helped you “better” yourself?

    • Oh, wow, yes, in so many ways I never imagined. My self-esteem is so much higher than when I started. Realizing that you don’t need men, that you can have a full life on your own is so liberating. A man is just the cherry on top (unless you find that soul mate then I suppose it’s more than that).

      • I haven’t ever had sex so I don’t know what i’m missing but I find that to be good. I connect on a mental level with all of my boyfriends. It’s also a plus to say he is dating me for “me” and not for any other reasons. & I know i’m not a challenge because I haven’t given in yet and I would definitely make him wait a while.

      • I love this. It’s quite inspiring to hear of a woman who’s waiting to have sex. Connecting on a mental level with a man is sort of a goal of mine and I hope I achieve it!

  2. My favorite kiss is from The Notebook. I love that scene where they’re kissing in the rain. I wish someone kissed me like that!

    • I love Ryan Gosling. He’s so sexy in everything he does.

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