Inappropriate touching

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I’ve become so protective of my personal space since I took up this vow of celibacy, especially when it comes to men (obviously) that I can’t stand having a man touch me, even on the arm, without my consent. You know, he has to ask first or be invited. Today I had three different men touch me on the knee, shoulder and arm and my blood pressure nearly went through the roof with outrage. I find this kind of physical impropriety to be a violation of my personal boundaries and I need to find a way to express that verbally while maintaining my dignity.

It’s irrelevant to me what his motivation happens to be. I’m sure he didn’t “mean” anything (whatever that means). The result, however, was an intense feeling of discomfort on my part and that’s simply not fair. I have the right to not be touched if I don’t care to be and to be able to go about my business without fear that I’m going to have to fend off unwanted tactile advances from random men. It’s quite ridiculous and incredibly insensitive on the men’s part. I need a course of action to prevent this from happening in future. My body is sacred, ya know.

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