Single Ladies and Lawn Mowing

sex, relationship, single woman, abstinence, celibate
Most of the time I’m quite happy to take care of my own business, but there is something about mowing the lawn that just strips me of all femininity and makes me feel terribly lonely. I know it’s not difficult (like vacuuming the lawn) but until recently it’s a job I never had to do because a man did it for me. Mowing the lawn is one of the many tasks a single woman has to learn how to do on her own, along with plunging a clogged toilet, hanging pictures, painting, assembling furniture, and unplugging drains.

Before I had to tackle all these tasks on my own I had no idea how much men actually do! As I was retrieving a dead mouse from my lawn and depositing it in the garbage while my gag reflex went off, I thought about the fact that I’d usually get a man to take care of this for me. That I’ve always had a man to do my dirty work. Well, not now. I’ve got to take care of things myself.


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