Put Your Head on My Shoulder

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In the past when I thought about a man in a physical way it was always sexual. I did not daydream about a man caressing my cheek and kissing me tenderly or whispering in my ear. I pictured him holding me down or up against a wall and giving it to me good. Sorry, I’m being honest! I mentioned in an earlier post that since I gave up sex nine and a half months ago I have become more soft and mushy in my idea of romance.

Today for the first time when I thought about wanting a man, I felt myself putting my arms around his neck and resting my weary head on his shoulders. Because it’s tiring being by yourself and doing all the men’s work like mowing the lawn and getting yourself off. So, I surprised myself by feeling how nice it would be to just rest my head on a pair of strong shoulders and … that’s all.


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  1. Oh yes! Strong shoulders are so sexy! Celibacy does make you kinda mushy.

    • I know! I feel completely different. Before shoulders were something you hung on to while he gave it to you 😛

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