I thought Mother Teresa was a chump

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If I’ve discovered anything over the last ten months it’s that helping other people cures what ails you. I used to look at Mother Teresa and think she was crazy. Why would anyone want to be so giving? Truth be told, I thought she was kind of a chump. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to sacrifice all worldly pursuits, including sexual pleasure, in favour of a life of charity. How could anyone be fulfilled that way?

What I’m beginning to realize is that Mother Teresa was probably one of the most fulfilled women in the world. I love what she said to quiet the naysayers who argue the world’s problems are too overwhelming to tackle: “If you can’t feed a hundred, then just feed one.” Anyone can do that. And that’s where her humility came in as well. You help in the way that you are able, so that feeding one person is as worthy as feeding a thousand.

When I thought about nuns before I couldn’t get past the vow of celibacy. I could understand devoting one’s life to God and Church, but no sex? How could you survive? Now that I’ve had ten months without sex myself and have spent that time working on my spiritual life, I find that I’ve not only survived, but I am more alive than I’ve ever been, closer to being the woman I want to be and with a greater understanding of myself and others. It’s the most important thing I’ve ever done (or not done) and I didn’t expect that.

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