Fairy Tales and Prince Charming

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My friend was lamenting the fact that maybe the fairy tale wouldn’t come true for her. We were talking about my celibate year and how it’s changed my relationship with men. Ironically so, because for the first time I’m not in a relationship with a man. What I mean is I’ve stopped living life “in the meantime”. I believed when I stopped having sex ten months ago that I was preparing myself for the relationship that would magically appear at the end of a year. I figured as soon as I was finished with my little experiment, the perfect relationship would be waiting for me.

Now I understand that staying away from men was not preparing me for another man (how did that ever make sense?) but helping me develop a relationship with myself and God and understanding that I have everything I need. Nothing is missing from my life because I don’t have a partner. Life is not about checking things off the list like Job, House, Kids, Man; it’s about embracing what you have right now and being enchanted by the beauty in every moment.

Maybe that sounds a little corny but I can’t see any reason why a boyfriend would make me happier at this point, besides sex. And I’ve vowed to hold off on sex for a good long time after meeting someone anyway, so that urge would remain unfulfilled. I’m having the best time right now enhancing my spiritual life and enriching the relationships I have already with friends and family and, of course, with myself. I’m working on loving and adoring and being grateful for everything I have right now. And knowing I need nothing else to make me happy.


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