Men and women are different

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I was expressing to my friend today my ongoing resentments toward men that I’m working on. I’ve gotten past the point where I blame men for my resentment against them. I realize it’s my problem and the only person I can control is myself. I can’t stop men from looking at me or making comments at me but I can learn how to respond with dignity and to treat men in a way the honours them rather than disrespects them.

She said I have to remember that men have it hard, too. I didn’t understand: in my mind men are always the winners; this is their world, how do they have it hard? She said that while women want to be loved and cherished, men yearn to be respected and admired and they’ve had that taken away from them. She said the only desire they have left that can be fulfilled is sex and that’s why it’s become such a preoccupation in modern society.

I was stunned and had to admit her theory made a lot of sense. I think about how adamant I am that men should do the asking out and pick the place and pay for dinner, especially on the first date. I want to be taken care of and protected and my friend says that’s exactly what men are programmed to do for us, the way God made them, but they’re not allowed to anymore. In a sense they’ve been emasculated. It’s always felt right to me to want a man I can look up to and admire and to be adored in return. It’s not about equality, it’s about complementary. We are different, not equal, and we get into trouble when we try to pretend otherwise.


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