A Course in Miracles

marianne, a course in miracles

Have you heard of A Course in Miracles? If you’ve read Marianne Williamson, you know she took the Course and writes about it a lot. Basically it is a re-programming of everything you thought you knew. It tells you in a nutshell that everything you know is false. The Course consists of one lesson every day for a year, it is FREE online, and I’m only on Day 8 and already I’ve been brought to my knees by its earth-shattering-ness.

Day 8 says “My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.” That means every thought you have is filtered through your past experience. You give it meaning based on what has happened to you in the past. For example when I think of men I think “predators”. Yes, I know that’s scary and it’s based on my past experience with certain among them. If I can look at every man as though he’s the first one I’m seeing and without my thoughts about the past I can have a whole new relationship with them. That’s exciting. I was wondering if I would ever overcome my distrust of men and this program might help.

The past ten and a half months without sex has been an ego-shrinking experience. It’s helped me look at my motivations (mostly fear) and learn how to tell the absolute truth about everything especially to myself. I’m working hard to free myself of these bad feelings about men and stop thinking of them as the enemy. I have some hope that this Course can help because its basis so far, that everything we think is based on past ideas, is true for me about men. If I can learn to let go of those old experiences and just be in the present I might have a chance of seeing men in a new light.

If you want to take the Course, too, click HERE.


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