I had dinner with a friend of mine yesterday, a friend who happens to be truly evolved and believes improving our self-awareness will have an immeasurably positive impact on many people around the world, not just in our immediate circle. He also believes the key to happiness is to empty our minds of all the crap that’s been written on it since the day we were born.

He likens the human brain to a computer that gets programmed with information it is fed from our parents, teachers, elders, friends, relationships, society in general. Our brains are so full of false crap that we don’t even know what’s real anymore and that’s what’s led us into what some see as a seeming hell on earth.

The Course in Miracles I told you about also teaches that all the junk in our heads is unreal. It says our thoughts are meaningless and that trying to put our own meaning on the world through our thoughts is to put ourselves in competition with God. Yikes! That is some deep doo-doo. I am only beginning to wade through it.

P.S. I’m happy to report this gentleman is my first male friend. Ever! Would not have been possible without this celibate year.

What do you think of this empty mind theory? Is it achievable?


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