Conversations With God Part Deux

I mentioned I’m watching a video series by Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God. I had to pay for the privilege but I’m sharing his insights with you for free! The main idea in the second of the seven-part series is that wanting is the most non-beneficial thing you can do to achieve that which you desire. If you put out a feeling of wanting something then that is what you will get back, NOT the thing you want but more of the experiencing of wanting it.

The “universe” (or God as I call it) answers “yes” to every desire you express. So if you say “I want to make more money,” God says “yes” and you will continue to WANT to make more money. If you say you want a beautiful relationship with a lovely man, God will say “yes” and you will keep WANTING a beautiful relationship. How to get around this quandary? Neale suggests saying to yourself and God (however you interpret that) “I know the perfect relationship is coming to me. Thank you, God.” Isn’t that amazing? So much more fun, too, because you feel hopeful and I guess that is the whole idea around manifesting.

I am also studying A Course in Miracles which is a free program of daily lessons that reprograms your mind so you can be happier and more peaceful. So far, I have gleaned from the course that most of my thoughts are attacking, especially against myself, and that I identify with my ego even though that is not me. I discovered from today’s exercise a difficult truth that explains a lot about my past behaviour with men: I don’t believe I will find a man who is willing to wait for me and that is an attack thought against myself.

What do you think of these spiritual ideas?


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