Saving sex

sex, abstinence, celibacy, marriage, dating

In two days it will be a year since I’ve seen a naked man. All of a sudden, my sex drive has ramped up and I’m feeling the same kind of physical desire for sex that I was feeling at the beginning of this journey. I thought the urge for sex had passed and I had become a civilized lady who was ready to forge a non-physical relationship with a man. Turns out I’m still as horny as ever! What is wrong with me? Perhaps it’s psychological: I held onto the idea that my celibacy would last a year and now that the year is up I’m feeling as though I can’t hold out any longer. I’m not sure.

I may need to take more time because I promised myself I wouldn’t get into a relationship unless it was based on something more than physical. The next time I date someone it’s going to be because we connect on a level besides sexual. That doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to each other, just that sex will be removed from the equation. I really like the idea of waiting till I’m married to have sex again. With the way I feel now, though, I’m not sure if I can possibly hold out that long.

What do you think of waiting?


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