Submissive: strength of a woman

I’ve written before on this blog that I don’t believe in equality between the sexes. That doesn’t mean I think men are better than women or vice versa, just that we were designed for different functions. I believe men and women complement each other perfectly like yin and yang and that they each bring to the relationship something that the other lacks.

Trouble happens in marriages because of the lie of equality in relationships which leads husband and wife to vie for the power position. Men are often emasculated by the fact that they no longer have a leadership role: two income families are the norm and it’s not uncommon for women to out-earn their husbands (nothing wrong with that). Not only are women now providers and leaders in their families, they are also the disciplinarians of children.

I’ve always felt like a submissive woman and desired a man I could look up to and who would make the decisions (after consulting me, of course) but I was ashamed to admit that. Unfortunately, if you say you are submissive people only think about kinky sex–such is the direction our society has gone. I always wanted a man to take care of me and protect me but if I admitted that I would be admonished as a weakling!

I am finally embracing my intuition and understanding that the strength of a women is different from the strength of a man. When you hear a woman described as “strong” it’s often because she demonstrates characteristics of a man: bold, brash, outspoken…but what if the strength of a woman is something quieter and softer, more feminine? I don’t want to compete with men. I want to be a woman and have that be enough.


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  1. Brave post. Yeah, we’ve been conditioned to roar since we started taking the pill.

    • Thank you; I appreciate that 🙂

  2. I like this so much. It’s so difficult to explain in this day and age that I am attracted to feminine qualities, as if defining these is a modern sin. I could care less about “power,” but I do desire to lead and protect, in the same way that I desire my wife to embrace the God-given femininity that strengthens me. I’m not too proud to say that women hold a strength that I lack, and I wish that women would embrace that rather than trying to defend against my masculinity. Many men have learned that they have to act feminine to be accepted by the modern dating woman — how corrupted is that? I agree that there will always be men that abuse their position, but it seems like more of an affront to women to deny the very characteristics that make you unique.

    Thank you for your willingness to be unashamedly woman 🙂

    • I wish I knew this stuff years ago when I thought it was wrong to be feminine, but then I guess everything comes in good time.

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