Waiting for Mr. Right…maybe

Now that I’ve fulfilled my year of celibacy (which included no dating of any kind) I wonder if it’s time to meet some new people. I know so many women who get asked out on dates all the time. How does that happen? I know other women who do the asking, but as I wrote before…that’s just not my style. I know other women who go the online route, but that’s not for me, either, because I suspect the motives of men who go on those sites are pretty shady. My friends’ experiences with those guys they met online would support my opinion: they don’t like to pay; they expect sex very quickly; and are uninterested in the idea of courtship.

So, what do I do? I know many women who waited years before meeting the right person. Will that be me? Part of me thinks I’m still not ready and maybe that’s the reason I’m on my own. Another part, the practical side, knows it’s my own doing that I’m on my own because I’ve done everything I can to repel men so I wouldn’t be tempted to break my vow. Maybe I need a little more time.


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