God and the clouds in the sky

It’s amazing how waiting until marriage for sex has become counter-culture. Not so long ago, premarital sex was frowned upon: remember those stories about young women who got pregnant “out of wedlock” and were sent away to have the baby because their parents would have suffered so much public shaming had they stayed? Obviously, we don’t want to go back to those days, but how did we go so far the other way? Does it have anything to do with God becoming a bad word?

I was taking in the perfect white fluffy clouds against the clear blue sky today and thinking how magnificent they looked. I wondered how anyone who witnessed such a sight could believe there’s no God. Who else could have created that beauty? Isn’t the contrast between God-made beauty (sky, trees, animals) and man-made “beauty” (buildings, houses, roads) evidence enough? I just wonder why the world is moving away from God and why it believes there is freedom in not believing in anything. Atheists cry “logic” but my logic tells me the evidence of God is everywhere, starting with the clear blue sky.


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  1. Sadly, I think the rejection of God was a gradual cultural response to people’s (and more specifically, victim’s) poor associations with him. Millions of people have been hurt by professing believers, and wonder where God is when He allows _______.

    The irony is, the liberation we covet in separating ourselves from God’s plan perpetuates the belief. Because people willfully make poor decisions that effect other people apart from His word, we assume He does not care or does not exist because He allows them. But because we desire independence, we don’t want a God that robs of us of our free will. So “logic” thinkers, which is it — do we want Him involved or not?

    The truth is, God never desired the corruption of His design for sexuality that has led to deep pain, distrust, abuse, and relational apathy. But He receives no glory if He robs creation of its free will. So mankind has chosen to deny His plan, and hypocritically blames Him for the results. And this is the primary reason that atheists resent God: because mankind hurts at the result of its own hands.

    That God has found you in your journey of celibacy is the opposite take on the “evil” of our free will. You have chosen to do the right thing: admittedly because you saw the negative results of sex outside of marriage, but through your willing vow, you have honored Him, and He has been glorfied through your willful act. The clouds, sky, trees, and animals are a fine way to prove the existence of God, but the best proof is you.

    In your faithfulness to His truth, He has been faithful in showing Himself to you. How can we not be amazed and fall in love with Him for that?!? The same God that made the beautiful sky sees you as His most perfect creation, and has designed you to display a glory that can’t even be found in the expanse of the universe! The miracle of a changed life is the best indication we have that God is active and present today 🙂

  2. “I wondered how anyone who witnessed such a sight could believe there’s no God.”

    So who made God then?

    What about Thor, Shiva, the Tooth Fairy or the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    The concept of God doesn’t enhance your understanding of the world. It actually detracts from it.

    As for the collapse of marriage, this is a direct result of the collapse of patriarchy. No sane man would get married under the terms and conditions of Marriage 2.0.


    • Nothing created God, he always was. It’s hard to imagine, but it gets a little easier(for me anyway) when you think about the fact that time itself is a creation of God. He isn’t bound by any order of events or sequence.

      I don’t see how any of the fictitious characters you mentioned proves your point at all, but the “concept of God” is the only complete theory that I’ve ever heard. Without getting into a whole lot of detail, evolution has it’s flaws But even if it didn’t, it still can’t explain how everything got here. At least Creationism is a complete theory.

      Perhaps you are, in part, right about the collapse of marriage due to new laws and whatnot, but that can’t be the only reason. It might represent a small slice of the cake, and it doesn’t explain the declining moral standards of the day which, I believe, was the crux of this article.

      • I’m not sure if you’re a man, but thank you for coming to my rescue with that reply to the heckler 🙂

  3. Anytime ^_^

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