Waiting until marriage includes oral sex!

I just watched a Youtube video which answered a good question sent in by a viewer in a very bad way. She asked (and I’d like to know, too) how and when to go about letting a suitor know that he is not getting any unless or until you wed without turning him off or driving him away.

The woman in the video gives what I would call the right answer: “maybe that’s not the guy for you if he doesn’t respect your boundaries.” Then the guy pipes up and says “there are lots of things you can do without having sex including ORAL SEX!”

Wrong. Oral sex is sex! Someone waiting for marriage to have sex should not even be entertaining the idea of putting a man’s penis in her mouth! Even if you’re not waiting until marriage, oral sex should be treated the same way as vaginal sex when it comes to ensuring you have a COMMITMENT of both monogamy and progression within the union BEFORE you engage in the act.

Why don’t they let women give advice to women and men give advice to men? Then we wouldn’t be so confused.


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  1. This isn’t necessarily about male advice or female advice, for I’d be in agreement with the woman. Likewise, I can’t count the number of blogs written by women “abstaining” who advocate every sexual act other than intercourse. This pretty much makes the benefits of the pure lifestyle useless. Just continue to keep the crap monitor on full alert and follow your convictions. Plenty of “experts” out there — male and female — will tell the masses what they think they want to hear.

  2. P.S. Rather than having to worry about how to tell a man that a woman intends to abstain, doesn’t it make more sense to begin a relationship with a man that already shares the same conviction? Not necessarily a question directed at you, because I know you’re still sorting through this. But it would seem that making better choices of who to be with should take precedence over assuming a woman’s abstinence is going to be a compromising hangup. I have no intentions of beginning a relationship with someone that isn’t already planning to wait on their own.

    • Yes, it would make sense and that would probably have been the best answer of all.

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