Men and women: too different to be equal

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A friend of mine was telling me about a woman at work who was bragging about trimming hedges over the weekend. “Was your husband out of town?” my friend asked innocently. The woman got very defensive and said “I can do it!” My friend replied (not out loud, of course) that she wouldn’t be surprised if that husband dreamed of having a woman who would let him be the man and trim the hedges himself. I can’t help but agree. What is this preoccupation, this insistence that so many women have on Equality?

As my friend reasons, as long as men can’t give birth, there’s no such thing as equality of the sexes. All so-called equality means (this is me now) is more WORK for women. That is ALL it means. Equality does not serve women, it serves men. They get to do less work because women are so insistent that they can do everything men can do. Which is about as true as saying men can give birth.

I’m not only talking about physical tasks but also things like decision-making. I often become befuddled when faced with a decision and when it comes to my children I give ultimate decision-making power to their father even though we’re not married any longer. He’s just better at it. He’s more logical, rational, and has superior reasoning abilities. When I told my daughter that was the reason I let her dad make the decisions, she said sagely: “Men and women both weigh all the options when making decisions. The difference is that women will second-guess themselves, but when men make a decision there’s no turning back.” She’s eleven and she understands this implicitly. She hasn’t been brainwashed by society to be outraged at the idea that men and women can be good at different things or approach them in different ways.


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