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My friend and I signed up for online dating. Yes, never say never. We are coaching one another and having some fun but no dates have materialized. It’s kind of like playing nicky nine door when you were a kid: ring the bell and then run when somebody answers (shows interest). I’m approaching men on the internet the same way I do in real life: putting myself out there, but I’m the woman so I let them approach first. I have received a few messages from men asking me to email them. When I throw it back to them they seem confused. In my world, men need to make the first move, email, whatever. When they leave you a message with a phone number or invitation to email, they are being lazy. First contact is his job.

Women are experiencing a shift back to embracing our femininity after decades of trying to be like men and realizing it doesn’t work to have two men in a heterosexual relationship.  We’re coming back to the realization that men and women are different, fulfill different roles and functions, especially while courting. It is the man’s job to initiate, give, and adore. It is the woman’s job to receive, admire and respect. And to say no when he asks for sex before a commitment. Go on, give it a try.

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