Setting an intention

relationship, marriage, husband, wife, man, womanI’ve set an intention and it’s a big one. I’m afraid to put it out there but I know I have to if I have a hope of it coming true, or “manifesting” as they say in the spiritual/law of attraction community. The book I bought by Katherine Woodward, Calling in ‘The One’ is an amazing course on clearing away obstacles to love and, like everything else, it all starts within. I’ve recently completed a ritual in which I wrote on little pieces of paper all the blocks to love in my life that I intend to clear…and then I burned them! I’ve never done anything ritualistic like that and it was really empowering and symbolic and I felt like it created a shift inside me. I am more relaxed and grateful since that exercise, anyway.

The next step is to set an intention for your love life. The author used her own example of being 40 years old and never married and setting the intention that she would be engaged by her next birthday, which at the time was only eight months away. She chose a supportive friend with whom to share her intention so she’d have a witness to keep her on her path. Sure enough, the author met and became engaged to her great love about a month before her intended date. It sounds like a miracle but a Course in Miracles says miracles happen every day and I believe that’s true. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and in fact determine our reality.

I was surprised at how incredibly difficult and humbling it was for me to set my intention. I realize how concerned I am with what people think and expressing my intention to another person was difficult because it left me open to the vulnerability of another person knowing my hopes and dreams. I realized in that moment how much I hated to share my innermost feelings with another person and that is exactly the thing I need to embrace in order to find love. Vulnerability is my key word and I need to be open to it if I am to live the life I imagine and desire.

So my intention is that I will be engaged to be married by August of 2012. A few months ago I did the Passion Test and one of my five passions was to be “married to an amazing man”. Now it’s time to get serious about making that happen. As difficult as it was, I called a trusted friend and told her my intention. Contrary to what I had anticipated she did not a) laugh at me b) pretend she didn’t hear and change the subject c) tell me all the reasons my intention was ridiculous or d) ask if I was drunk. Instead she replied “I think it’s important to have an intention for what you want in your life…so that’ll mean a Spring wedding.” So, now I have my witness. My part is to go forward with this intention and actively engage in behaviours and activities that will bring it closer to fruition.

Have you ever set an intention?

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  1. Hey, bumped into your blog while I was searching for images on a post I was writing. I really hope that you find a man with whom you will spend the rest of your life. I’m 22, single and not loving it at times; but I’m in no rush to find that girl, maybe in 5-6 years from now if I meet someone in the next few years.

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment. I’m pretty confident he’s coming to me soon 🙂

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