First date success

Last post I talked about two men: one who gave me his phone number rather than asking for mine. I turned around and gave him mine because I don’t phone men first. He texted me rather than calling to arrange a date and then asked me where I’d like to meet. I think that’s already 3 strikes: 1. gave his number rather than asking for mine; 2. texted rather than calling to arrange a first date; and 3. put me in charge of deciding where we go.

Still, I decided to give him another chance and told him I would like him to decide where we go and I will meet him there. He insisted I pick the place and that was when I finally threw in the towel. I texted back and told him we’re probably not a good match, that I really need a man to take charge and I wished him all the best. He took it well and wished me luck in return.

The second guy also texted rather than called and again asked what I’d like to do. But he did pick up the ball when I asked him to and did a little research and found a coffee shop equidistant to both of us. We met on Friday night and that was my first date since I started my celibate journey! I was wondering if it was ever going to happen! He was VERY handsome; much better looking than his photos and he mentioned that not being photogenic is a problem for him 🙂 He is what women like to call a “quality man”: a professional athlete but so humble that I didn’t find out until halfway through the date. I wouldn’t say I was crazy about him but it went well because he texted me after to say he had fun and wish me a safe trip home. I call it a successful first foray into dating land.


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